Commanders Are Unafraid To Be Unreasonable

Any good commander will tell you its not from self-interest but common interest that demands are made.

A key aspect of leadership gets back to our original conversation about the four captains. The good captain has all of the skills we have outlined do far. These skills are not all required in order for someone to step into a leadership role and do well. They all do make a more well rounded stronger leader who can tell what skills needs to be applied an when. But the one skill that cannot be skipped is the skill of being the commander. This is the tough part of leadership because one must make demands on oneself that are greater than others and make demands on others greater than what they would make.

A commander knows it is a big part of their job to listen to their crew of team members but then to make the decisions that everyone will get aligned with and follow even when they do not agree. In football when a quarterback calls the play the players run the play that was called not the one they want to run. Commanders are good at using the word most people don’t want to hear and don’t want to say and that word is NO. This is why commanders are also good at saying YES because they are unafraid to risk saying NO when it is appropriate. Commanders also do not take NO for an answer.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

eSeminar 8: Become a Commander

A leader does not have to know everything about the jobs that people are carrying out but a commander always knows the jobs they are asking a person to do. A leader who is a commander tells people what is wanted and if necessary, how to do it. Commanders have the tough conversations.

Commander Principles: Brilliant Commander

This eSeminar gives you a set of reliable principles to follow that will ensure you become a more brilliant commander.

Commander Practices: Causing Breakthroughs

The following three practices show how to cause breakthroughs for people so they surpass their own limits..

Practice 1: Talking Straight

This practice gives an access to the truth about their situation which may be upsetting..

Practice 2: Drilling Down

This practice gets complete clarity about the situation and challenges people to rise above it..

Practice 3: Rebuilding Trust

This practice helps to mend any damage caused by a tough conversation that had to take place.

Commander Process: Imposing a Process

The commander knows how to impose a process in a way that people rally to honor it fully and get it done precisely.

Commander Performance: Ensuring Performance

Commanders don’t mince their words the are unafraid to risk a relationship to gain a stronger one. People don’t like commanders but learn to love them.

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