Communicators Reach Inside Their Audience

Ask any communicator what makes them so engaging and they will say it’s their audience.

Leaders must become engaging communicators who are able to captivate their audience in ways that compel them to get aligned with an idea and to take collaborative action toward implementing that idea. Communication is what shapes every aspect of the human world and if people are speaking the world around them in taking shape in accord with that speaking. Whomever speaks the clearest, the longest and strongest wins the war of words that shape reality. Leaders know that every single conversation, especially ones in the break rooms are the ones that define the enterprise.

People want change that will work for them to be more recognized and rewarded for their contribution. Communicators know it is their job to educate the fabric of conversations that make up the organization. This requires speaking in terms that people at every level can understand and embrace. It requires that the enterprise be inoculated with a conversation geared toward the self-interest of each person defined as the common interest Such a conversation has the power to sweep away the counterproductive conversations that could undermine an enterprise.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

eSeminar 7: Become a Communicator

The more effective and engaging a leader becomes as a communicator the greater chance they have of shaping the culture of the enterprise they are leading. Every word uttered by a leader reverberates throughout the hearts, minds and mouths of the people that inhabit the enterprise.

Communication Principles: Engaging Communication

This eSeminar gives you a set of reliable principles to follow that will ensure you become a more engaging communicator.

Communication Practices: Message Management

The following three practices show how to build a network of conversations that shape an organization.

Practice 1: Creating Conversations

This practice gives leaders a method of developing highly compelling promotional conversations.

Practice 2: Delivering Communications

This practice offers guidelines as to how best to deliver a conversation to different parts of an enterprise..

Practice 3: Tracking Replication

This practice shows how to track the impact of the leader’s conversation on the local ones.

Communication Process: Initiating a Process

The process of communication has a precise inevitable flow that must be honored if impact is to be made.

Communication Performance: Enriching Performance

Communicators can measure in impact of their performance by surveying the members of the enterprise to see just how much they have come to absorb and what impact that has had on others and the enterprise as a whole.

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