Managers Maximize Workflow Efficiency

Managers don’t really do anything except make sure everything gets done on time.

What managers actually manage is a mystery to most. Contrary to what most believe, managers do not manage people or a process, productivity or performance. Yet all of these essential components are made possible by what the manager actually manages, the making and keeping of promises by people. People, process, productivity and performance are all the result of promises made and kept. When a manager is clear about this as a core aspect of their job they are more able to ignore the swirl of daily chaos that comes with people and focus on what makes things flow or not flow.

Managers who think their position means anything more than that usually miss the mark on what management really can be. This is because it requires a manager to fully listen to what people say relative to what they are doing. The key is to stay out ahead of the broken promises.  This is because this is when everyone goes a little nutty in an attempt to deny the facts, deceive others or delude themselves into thinking they did not break a promise or that it is somehow justified. This kind of disruption is what makes a high performance process less effective and less enjoyable.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

Seminar 2: Become a Manager

Managers really have to learn how to do nothing which is not an easy thing to do. Managers must manage the flow of a process so that every point along the way honors the needs of the next point through to an effective completion. Each step in a process comes with an inherent promise for a deliverable that is on time.

Management Principles: Efficient Management

This eSeminar gives you a set of reliable principles to follow that will ensure you become a more efficient manager.

Management Practices: Managing Accountability

The following three practices show how to manage people’s accountability for making and keeping promises.

Practice 1: Establishing Alignment

This practice gives managers a tool for reestablishing alignment between people along the way.

Practice 2: Initiating Actions

This practice shows managers how to install the language of accountability.

Practice 3: Reaffirming Commitments

This practice teaches managers how to reduce the risk of a broken promise before it happens.

Management Process: Installing a Process

With management a process can be installed and a flow of results from stage to stage can be achieved.

Management Performance: Encouraging Performance

Managers must make sure that their instructions are being carried out so all parts of a process become connected to a successful outcome.

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