Mentors Help Team Members Grow Into a Job

Mentoring others is the key to becoming more effective at skills you already have developed.

Most everyone who has achieved higher levels of results in a short period of time have had the good fortune to have found or have been assigned a mentor. For the mentor, picking the right mentee is easier said than done. Sometimes a person looks like they could be a real star and they turn out to be ill-suited for the tasks being shown. Others who look as though they may never have what it takes, once given the chance, blossom beyond expectations. That is why a mentor needs to put people to the test to see how they learn, what they are best and how fast they pick up on things.

Mentors know the road map to being effective in a job or in a skill be it leading, teaching, selling and even mentoring itself. Once the right person for the job has been found, the next step is determining how that person learns. Some learn by studying guidelines and checklists before they start doing. Others do best by jumping into the job and making a lot of mistakes as they learn along the way. Everyone falls somewhere between these tow extremes. The key to effective mentoring is to observe closely how a person learns and then keep redirecting them back to that process.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

Seminar 4: Become a Mentor

In addition to the fulfillment that comes with successfully mentoring others, mentoring is the chance for you to develop already acquired skills to a much higher level and, as a result, make a bigger impact on everything you touch. Mentoring is an opportunity to build your own inner strength.

Mentoring Principles: Effective Mentoring

This eSeminar gives you a set of reliable principles to follow that will ensure that you become a more effective mentor.

Mentoring Practices: Building Partnerships

The following three practices show how to build partnership which is fundamental to mentoring and many areas of leadership.

Practice 1: Evoking Rapport

This practice gives an access to a person’s project which is what is most important to them.

Practice 2: Generating Projects

This practice brings out this core project which is what will compel them to make necessary changes.

Practice 3: Forging Partnership

This practice declares the partnership into existence as the means to accomplishing a project.

Mentoring Process: Improving a Process

With mentoring, a process is assured the continuous improvement necessary to remain viable in an everchanging world.

Mentoring Performance: Elevating Performance

Mentors measure consistent sustainable improvements in people’s performance over time. With effective mentoring of the right people results come in major leaps forward.

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