Innovators Know How To Change The Status Quo

People in organizations do not resist change if it is the change they have been asking for.

The world in general and business specifically has been and will be continue to undergo highly accelerated change at an ever increasing rate. Organizations that once prided themselves as reliable response organizations are either changing or falling by the wayside of history. The need to convert to a rapid response organization is met with a commitment to continuous innovation and thereby evolution of an enterprise to compete with other enterprises and to serve customers and clients in ways that offer the most advanced advantages, features and benefits.

Leaders must be innovators who are able to see into the future of what will be needed to preserve the viability of an enterprise before others pass them up of change the game completely. Innovation causes changes not so much in ways that make an enterprise different but in ways that make it more true to itself and its place in the future. Innovation becomes a life and death component of a successful enterprise which must learn to shed even the best of what is working for what is needed to surpass previous demands. Innovation is the change everyone secretly hopes will happen.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

eSeminar 5: Become an Innovator

A leader is naturally an innovator at heart. That is a big part of what makes them leaders. But innovation requires that a leader give up controlling a process in order to take command of the evolution of the enterprise. Innovation does not comes without risks or mistakes. Leaders must learn to take bold risks and make the right set of mistakes.

Innovation Principles: Creative Innovation

This eSeminar gives you a set of reliable principles to follow that will ensure you become a more creative innovator.

Innovation Practices: Positioning an Idea

The following three practices show how to analyze challenges, develop solutions and package innovation.

Practice 1: Strategic Analysis

This practice gives an access to the strategic challenges that must be resolved with innovation.

Practice 2: Developing Solutions

This practice brings out this core solution that will adjust how people deal with a process in time.

Practice 3: Packaging Innovation

This practice develops the packaging for an innovation to create maximum buy-in throughout an enterprise..

Innovation Process: Inventing a Process

With innovation process improvement becomes exponential rather than incremental.

Innovation Performance: Evolving Performance

Innovators cause the kinds of change that require new definitions of performance and new ways of measuring the effectiveness of an enterprise.

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