Coaches Bring Out The Best In People

A good coach knows how to get a person’ full potential out from within them and put it to work.

Coaching is a special set of skills that everyone has within them but few take the time to fully develop. This is because of the basic confusion between coaching and other activities such as mentoring and teaching. Where mentoring is showing someone how something is done and teaching is about installing a new set of knowledge within a person, coaching is quite the opposite. It is about bringing out from within a person the skills, stamina, and strength required to effectively put their acquired skills and learned knowledge to work effectively.

Coaching is about bringing out the best from within people and putting it to work. Coaches know that a person already has everything they need inside. They point a person toward seeking the answers they need by looking within rather than looking outside themselves. In working with a coach a person is able to get out of the passenger seat of their own game and step into the pilot’s seat. Once this occurs a person is better equipped to translate the value they have received from mentors and teachers into effective action and consistent results.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

Seminar 3: Become a Coach

In the words of great coaches the job of the coach gets clearly defined. The great basketball coach Red Auerbach said that the job of the coach is to win games. In the words of John Wooden, another basketball coach, it is also to develop people. Finally in the words of George Allen a football coach who said and how we develop people is by winning games.

Coaching Principles: Eductive Coaching

This eSeminar gives you a set of reliable principles to follow that will ensure you become a more eductive coach.

Coaching Practices: Launching Projects

The following three practices show how to launch a coaching project that will develop a person’s skills.

Practice 1: Defining Challenges

This practice uncovers the inner challenges that could undermine a coaching project.

Practice 2: Designing Projects

This practice develops a design for the project that will become the focus of the coaching.

Practice 3: Defining Rules of Engagement

This practice set’s up the rules of engagement that will keep the project on track.

Coaching Process: Integrating a Process

With coaching people discover how to take ownership of a process and integrate into their activity.

Coaching Performance: Educing Performance

Together the three coaches mentioned above define this seeming intangible skill called coaching which is the key to generating greater performance.

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