Collaboration Unleashes Latent Power In Organizations

In a collaborative culture people work together rather than against each other to unleash this awesome power.

There are four kinds of leaders like four captains of a ship at sea in the age of Mutiny on the Bounty. There is the Good Captain, the Bad Captain, the Poor Captain and the Weak Captain. The Weak Captain listens to the crew and then let’s the crew make the decisions and as a result the ship sinks. The Poor Captain listens to the crew but then makes decisions that are counter to what they were advised and when the ship is in trouble blames the crew for their own mistakes. The Bad Captain never bothers to listen to the crew and makes all of the decisions without any degree of consultation. The crew becomes more and more disgruntled until they turn on the captain putting the voyage at total risk in the process.

The Good Captain consults with the crew and listens to what they have to say and then makes decisions that include the input of the crew and the ship sails on to a successful journey regardless of the challenges that emerge along the way. The question is what kind of captain will you choose to become. The leadership of others requires the understanding of five principles that this module teaches. The biggest challenge of leaders is to build other leaders around them knowing that some may surpass their teacher. But that can be the agony and the joy of the job. Leadership is a “be careful what you wish for opportunity”. True leadership requires leadership of oneself which is the biggest challenge any leader will face.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.


Collaborative Leadership ePrograms


Two eCourses: The Two Side of Leadership

Each if the following two eCourses contain four eSeminars. Each eSeminar contains a set of principles, three communication practices, a delivery process and performance attributes.

The first eCourse deals with leading the inner person and the second eCourse deals with leading people into more powerful external expression.

Working With The Inner Person

eCourse 1: Ontological Skills

eSeminar 1: Being An Inspiring Leader
eSeminar 2: Being An Efficient Manager
eSeminar 3: Being An Empowering Coach
eSeminar 4: Being An Effective Mentor


Working With a Person’s External Expression

eCourse 2: Operational Skills

eSeminar 5: Being a Creative Innovator
eSeminar 6: Being a Rigorous Educator
eSeminar 7: Being An Engaging Communicator
eSeminar 8: Being a Brilliant Commander

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