Strong Leaders Seek Out The Right Support

Leaders know they cannot go it alone and rarely have all the answers they need.

People to people support is a major boost to any learning process. People learn from each other more than in any other way so working with a collaborator, a private coach of a group program. Agents that are committed to self-development continue to achieve ever greater results. Those that stop learning are at risk of stalling out and beginning a decent to the bottom.  Our three support options make your learning process even more robust. There is only so much that can be gleaned from materials or even attending a group session. It is when the learning gets up close and personal with a virtual collaborator or private coach. These are all small investments that can generate a big return is the agent is ready to do the work. Virtual collaboration means working on a delayed basis by email with a collaborator either assigned to you by our admin team or someone within a group program with whom you have set up a collaborative relationship. This is a great way to get input as both collaborators can think through their responses.

On the other hand, having a line online private coach in your face on a weekly or by weekly basis will definitely turn the heat up even more. The job of the coach is to bring out your natural inner brilliance which is in accord with all of the practices we teach which develop natural skills already within you. Ultimately working with a program leader and a private coach can be an entirely new level of heat on the stove of learning. In the group setting you are able to learn from the successes and failures of the other participants who will in turn be learning from you as you succeed and fail. The learning process is amplified in the group setting and yet there can be a private coaching component and a collaboration component. When we mix it up with others in a group many things come out that would otherwise be missed. The stakes are higher and the rewards are even greater. Not everyone is made for a group interaction and others thrive on it. We will work with you to configure a support package that best serves your unique learning needs.

What Does This Program Offer?

Overview of the four modules that work together to accomplish the purpose of the method.

Program Support Options


Option 1: Virtual Collaboration

This form of people interaction is via email and may be filled by another subscriber, a program participant or sponsor or a professional collaborator who is trained and certified to deliver a high level of collaboration.

Collaboration Rates: $150.00 per hour computed based the actual minutes.

Sessions may be weekly or biweekly and random access as needed.


Option 2: Private Coaching

This form of support requires a live online phone conversation between a subscriber and a private coach at a pre-scheduled regular weekly or bi-weekly time in which real learning challenges can be resolved.

Coaching Rates: $250.00 per hour or $125.00 for a thirty minute session.

Sessions may be weekly or biweekly(every other week) and may be 30 minutes or 60 minutes in duration.


Option 3: Group Programs

This form of support takes place in a regular scheduled group program that takes place on a weekly or biweekly basis with a set number of participants going through the process together from start to finish.

Program Rates: $75.00 per participant per hour of one hour group session.

Sessions may be weekly or biweekly(every other week) and may be 30 minutes or 60 minutes in duration.

Free Consultation

To find out more about eProgram Support just contact us directly. We will have a conversation with you to explore where you stand currently and where you would like to take things in the future. Then we can determine of this eProgram is the best choice for you at this time.

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