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Leaders Create Vision

It is the leader with a vision that brings an organization into existence and keeps it evolving as the challenges emerge. It takes a special set of skills to create a compelling vision that will rally the full alignment of a large group of people. It is the vision more than the paycheck that gets them excited and keeps them close to the organization. Without vision there is no action and when there is no action there are no results. Nothing happens without vision.

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Innovators Create Processes

Leaders who are innovators see things that others fail to consider. They know how to develop and install a business process consistent with their vision. Every phase of a process must connect with all other phases and must be accountable to each other to generate maximum efficiency of flow. Innovation transforms reliable response organizations that plod along into rapid response organizations that change how the world works.

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eCast 3

Communicators Spark Recruitment

A leader who is an effective communicator spreads their vision across an organization. When enough people are communicating with each other about the vision, only then does it become real.  It starts from within the organization and spreads into the community. Members of the organization shapes the fabric of the organization by their conversations in accord with the vision.This is the heartbeat of recruitment that makes an organization a magnet for talent.

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eCast 4

Managers Hire People

A leader as manager must know that their first priority is hiring the right people. This takes a set of skills that make it possible to determine who will the the right people for the job and who will align with the vision the leader has put forth. Managers need people who will make and keep of promises to each other on a consistent basis. This is because they don’t manage people or materials, they manage the integrity of what the people say the will do. 

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eCast 5

Educators Train People

A leader must also be an educator and must understand the dynamics of training people to perform the functions requires by the business process and the vision of the leader. Educators understand that it is their job to guide the learning of the people. The the failure of any to learn is the failure of the educator to effectively teach. Educators know they are being effective whenever people take over the learning process and start teaching each other.

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eCast 6

Mentors Deploy People

The art of deployment is something a leader must have a good sense of relative to the industry they inhabit. Deployment goes beyond assigning the right people to the right positions in the right locations at the right time, it also means ensuring that mentoring is taking place in which people build on what they learned in their training but learning through actual application. Mentoring is where learning is translated into performance.

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eCast 7

Coaches Develop People

The leader must also be a coach and understand that coaching is quite the opposite of training, educating and mentoring. These three are about sticking knowledge into a person do they are able to perform certain functions within the business process continuum. But coaching is about bringing out the best from within people so they naturally develop skills that can take what they have learned and turn it into brilliant performance again and again. 

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eCast 8

Commanders Retain People

The leader as commander knows how to make demands on people that the people might never make of themselves. They are able to make people do things they may not want to do and then have those people thank the commander for being willing to push them to do what they have never done before. people love their commanders even when they dislike them. People will stick with a company because of a commander even when offered better positions elsewhere. 

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